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5th Chakra-Throat or Vishuddha Chakra

Root Chakra  5th Chakra-Throat or Vishuddha Chakra 5th Chakra-Throat or Vishuddha Chakra chakrasThroat or Vishuddha Chakra

The throat chakra is located in throat area and is the vortex of sound, vibration and communication. Mantras, telepathy, and creativity are associated with this communications center. There are numerous websites on sound and sound healing. Glen Velez, the creator of “Rhythms of the Chakras, drumming for the body’s energy centers”, has a site that offers a sample of his compositions. Click on the “A Rig Solo” for a sample of his music. Sound has long been used to heal. Click here to link to coloradohealthnet.org, a website offering healing sound on-line.

Throat Chakra Symbols, Sounds, and Associations

Lotus Symbols: There are sixteen lotus petals, one for each of the sixteen Sanskrit vowels, and a triangle pointing down. Within the triangle is a white circle representing the full moon and within the full moon is a white elephant. Above the bija or seed symbol are Sadasiva, the three-eyed, ten-armed and five-faced form of Shiva, and Gauri, Shiva’s consort. Sadasiva is sitting on a white bull and wearing a tiger skin.

  • Sanskrit Name and Meaning: Vishuddha – purification
  • Location: throat
  • Element: Akasha (sound)
  • Parts of the Body: thyroid, parathyroid, shoulders, neck, arms, hands
  • Malfunction: sore throat, stiff neck, hearing problems, thyroid problems, cold
  • Bija sound: Hang
  • Petal Sounds: Ang, Äng, Ing, Ïng, Ung, Üng, Ring, RÏng, Lring, LrÏng, Eng, Aing, Ong, Aung, Ang, Ahang
  • Animals: elephant, bull, lion
  • Yoga Path: Mantra yoga
  • Incense: frankincense, mace, benzion
  • Minerals: aquamarine, celestite, turquoise

Deities: Saravati, Ganga, the Muses, Nabu, Brigit, Apollo, Hermes, Seshat.