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What is actually meant by Yoga?


“Yoga” means “union.” This union is between man and God. Yoga tells us how far we have progressed in relation to God-realization. It also tells us about our destined role in God’s Cosmic Drama. The final word of Yoga is that each human soul is a divine representative of God on earth. Now let us focus our attention on the ... Read More »



A seeker wishes to see the face of truth in spirituality, in religion, in love, in brotherhood, in every field of reality, in every branch of the reality-tree. But unfortunately, the face of truth is not to be found there. The face of truth is found only in longing, in the longing for truth. Not only the face of truth, ... Read More »

Surya is the sun god


Surya is the sun god, the solar deity. He is also the god of illumination and liberation. In Indian mythology, Surya wears a golden robe, and his chariot is drawn either by one steed or by seven mares. Surya the sun god is extremely important and significant in our spiritual life. Although there are very few hymns dedicated to him. ... Read More »



I am sure you are well acquainted with the theory of evolution. Charles Darwin, in the modern world, discovered the process of the evolution of species, that is, the change from a lower form to a higher form. But long before Darwin, a thousand years before the advent of the Christ, the great Indian sage, Kapila, had discovered the theory ... Read More »



The proper fulfilment of the senses will come only from God. The body has the senses, but the body is not the owner; the real owner is God. If we can consciously go to the owner, then the owner will tell us how to utilise His possessions properly. The senses are instruments, God’s instruments. God originally entrusted us with these ... Read More »



Sat-Chit-Ananda is a triple consciousness. Sat is existence, Chit is consciousness and Ananda is bliss. You can separate them if you want to and, at the same time, you can take them as one. If one achieves Existence, then inside Existence he has Consciousness itself. And if one has Consciousness, then Bliss is there. It is like an apartment or ... Read More »

Samadhi and God-Realisation


Samadhi is a realm of consciousness. Many people have entered into samadhi, but realisation comes only when we have become one with the highest Absolute. We can enter into some samadhis without realising the Highest. Entering samadhi is like knowing the alphabet, but realisation is like having a Ph.D. There is no comparison between samadhi and realisation. Samadhi is a ... Read More »



What keeps us from attaining perfection? What keeps us from attaining perfection? It is our self-indulgence. In self-indulgence we feel that there is something absolutely necessary in our life, and that is pleasure. When we cry for pleasure and want to remain in pleasure, to become pleasure itself, perfection is a far cry. But when we cry for divine joy, ... Read More »



When one’s cosmic play is done, one enters into nirvana. If one is a tired soul and wants to go permanently beyond the conflict, beyond the capacities of the cosmic forces, then nirvana is to be welcomed. Nirvana is the cessation of all earthly activities, the extinction of desires, suffering, bondage, limitation and death. In this state one goes beyond ... Read More »



Music: God’s Universal Language If we can feel that It is not our voice, Not our fingers, But some reality deep inside our heart Which is expressing itself, Then we will know that it is The soul’s music. The outer music Comes from an outer instrument. The inner music Comes from the heart. The name of this inner music Is ... Read More »