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Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

Aromatherapy oils and their uses

I am sure that the majority of you reading this will have used, or bought, or have been given Aromatherapy products; and indeed the term Aromatherapy, Essential Oils  for most people conjures up “a nice smell”. That’s a good start, but to fully experience the wonders of Aromatherapy you must try an Aromatherapy treatment at the hands of an experienced, qualified, ... Read More »

Releasing Your Emotions Through Spiritual Healing


Releasing your Emotions From the stated facts that Spiritual healing specifically Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Healing Touch or Reiki are all forms of spiritual healing. All of these modalities engage the practitioner centering, linking to their Higher Source, to God, and enthusiastic to be a medium for God’s energy to run all the way through them for the highest good ... Read More »

Spiritual Healings Different Dimensions


Dimensions of Spiritual Healing Different dimensions of spiritual healing could be attributed to several dimensions of human existence. Evolving gradually through these levels, one would discover that values and beliefs behind spiritual healing become simpler rather than more complex. Those in quest of a spiritual healing experience may inquire into only some of the basic levels of these dimensions. However, ... Read More »


    Humans are multi-layered entities. We could meditate on a mountaintop for eons without significantly touching our underlying emotional traumas. Likewise, we could do psychoanalyze ourselves for a lifetime without moving a step closer to enlightenment. How do we reconcile this uneasy alliance between our emotional and spiritual selves? Psychology literally means “the study of the psyche”, which in ... Read More »