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Dictionary of Spiritual Terms – G

spiritual dictionary Dictionary of Spiritual Terms - G Dictionary of Spiritual Terms - G pic1Gayatri: A powerfully vedic mantra, shsktri mantra of 24 syllables.

Ghost: The spirit of a dead person that has remained on the earthly plane, often unaware of the fact that death has occurred. Often responsible for ‘haunting’s’ of physical locations.

Gita: Part of the Mahabharate containing Krishnas teachings to Arjuna.A spiritual speech.

Gnana (gyan): Knowledge of self.

Gnani (gyani): One who has realized/understood his self and Self

Gnosis: Gnosis usually refers to the ‘secret’ or ‘special’ knowledge that is said to set one free from the ‘illusory’ material world. [from Greek gnosis (knowledge)].

It is spiritual wisdom that is acquired through direct personal experience of the divine. This is different to intellectual knowledge that you can acquire from reading a book and it is not emotional. It is a knowledge that is a deep knowing within your soul.

Gnosticism: From a scholars point of view it is a religious movement (early christian) characterised by a belief in the esoteric spiritual knowledge through which the spiritual element of man could be released from it’s bondage in the physical. Gnostics can be of any faith tradition; they recognize almost all religions as valid paths to God and Gnosis. Gnosticism is the opposite of Literalism or Fundamentalism.

Grace: God’s unmerited favor. It’s given to all, freely. (The Law of Grace) .

Granthi: Psychic knot.

Grounding: This means to be in your physical body and conscious of your surroundings. Grounding is essential for those that are seeking spiritual development. You need to be grounded, in your body, to deal with your fears and clear low frequency emotional energy.

Guru: A Hindu or Sikh religious teacher or leader giving personal spiritual guidance to his disciples.

Gunas: The three aspects of nature-sawttwa,rajas,and tamas.