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Dictionary of Spiritual Terms – T

Talisman: An object charged with ‘magic’, used to attract a certain type of energy or a particular type of person. It can protect the wearer from unwanted influences.

Tarot: A form of divination using a set of cards (usually 76).

Taoism: A philosophy and religion of China. Derived chiefly from the Tao-te-ching, a book ascribed to Lao-tze but probably written in the mid-3rd century B.C. It describes an ideal human condition of freedom from desire and of effortless simplicity, achieved by following the Tao (path), the spontaneous, creative, effortless path taken by natural events in the universe.

Tasseography: Divination by reading tea leaves.

Telekinesis: The moving or altering of some object solely by use of concentration of thought.

Telepathy: The communication between people of thoughts or feelings by way of the mind or in a way that modern science cannot yet explain. People who have telepathy can read minds if the the other person involved has not developed this ability. A mind reader’s ability to do so relies on their willpower over the subject.

Theodicy: The attempt to rationally justify the belief that God is good despite the presence and strength of evil in the world.

Why would such a good God allow such deep evil, such searing pain, such powerful oppression, such subtle deception, such waste of time, resources, and lives, such murder and mayhem?

It is a mystery that has eluded the very best of logicians probably because it is illogical.

Theology: The study of existence and the nature of the divine and it’s relationship to / and influence upon other beings. It can also refer to the study of Gods nature and purpose as taught by the christian church.

Theophany: The word comes from the Greek, theo- (God) + -phanein (to show oneself, appear). A theophany is when God shows up in a majestic, God-ish manner; that is, it is rather obvious that it is God who is there. The appearances of gods have been said to provoke awe, quivering, total fear, and falling as if dead, preceded by earthquakes and thunderstorms.

Theosophy: The word comes from the Greek theos, meaning god, and sophia, meaning wisdom. Loosely translated = divine wisdom. It is a religious philosophy with strong overtones of mysticism.

Third Eye: The psychic eye, not physically visible, but mental. Located in the middle of the forehead.

Transcendental: That which surpasses the natural plane of reality or knowledge. It can also mean supernatural or mystical.

Transcendentalism: A system of philosopy that holds to the belief that the key to reality is the critical examination of reason. It can also be a system of philosopy that emphasizes intuition as a means to knowledge or the importance of the search for the divine.