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Spiritual Healings Different Dimensions

Spiritual Healings Different Dimensions Spiritual Healings Different Dimensions Spiritual Healings Different Dimensions reincarnation2Dimensions of Spiritual Healing

Different dimensions of spiritual healing could be attributed to several dimensions of human existence. Evolving gradually through these levels, one would discover that values and beliefs behind spiritual healing become simpler rather than more complex. Those in quest of a spiritual healing experience may inquire into only some of the basic levels of these dimensions. However, healing is a wide ranging term and as assorted, as the people who practice it.

The healing modalities present, even out the practitioners based on philosophy, traditions, and region. Before understanding the purpose of healing, or thinking of an alternative healer, it’s recommended that you experience different modalities and observe what interests you. Avoid anything that doesn’t seem appealing to you. Always remember that if you aren’t comfortable with any healing modality, you will never learn or benefit much from it. In fact, we don’t like to experience things until we have an appreciation and admiration for them.

It is important to explore various means of healing from the contemporary to the ancient. This would give people the ability to make better judgment in regards to a spiritual healing journey.
We all are familiar with allopathic medicine. When you visit a licensed MD for treatment, he would make a diagnosis, and then prescribe medicine. You may get well or you may not. This conventional mode of treatment focuses on a particular body part, organ, or system without taking into consideration the complex pieces that compose a complete human, something which you can’t see with bare eyes.
They are your emotions, thoughts, and spirit which play a huge part in physical wellness.

If you have an emotional burden, then sooner or  later it will manifest itself in the human body. Stress is a psychological disease that can spread to all dimensions of the body. In fact it can affect you psychologically, emotionally and then physically. If you don’t take note of your emotions, your body will no longer remain healthy in the long run.

Spiritual healing takes into consideration the underlying emotion that manifests itself in the form of physical disease or ailment. For instance, anger triggered is usually repressed anger that comes to the surface. What is disturbing you at the moment probably grew its roots in the past and has nothing to do with the present situation.

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Chamunda Swami Ji practicing spiritual healing in USA as well as in India. Swami Ji also conducts world tours of his spiritual seminar wherein he gives discourses on Meditation Techniques , Mantra and Tantra followed by a live question and answer session. – Indian Spiritual Healing