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History of Healing



The word ‘healing’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘healan’ which connotes both the body and the spiritual element of the human being as the things to be healed.

We have always had the power to heal ourselves,but it takes years of dedication and spiritual training similar to the rigor’s that a marshall artist would go through in terms of personal growth, I have to say that is sadly lacking in the way that spiritual healing is taught by many teachers and organisations.

It is instinctive to use our hands to comfort those in pain or distress, this however is only a small part of what a spiritual healer can accomplish by using the power of his mind greater skills can be used to help, this is something that cannot be learnt by doing a short course or from reading about it in a book, just as well really. It requires great dedication to spiritual growth and the working with a spiritual teacher that can demonstrate the skills that he is passing on- very rare in modern times

In ancient times there was no division between body, mind and spirit, so that energy was understood as a force which permeated this trinity. With the development of science and the shift away from spirituality the health professionals separated the three parts and focused their attention on the more physical, material body.

The second development was the outlawing of healing outside the Christian Church,and the systematic execution of lay healers and psychics. Healing only becoming legal again in 1951. The centuries of such persecution has been so powerful that even today there is much ignorance and fear surrounding our healing birthright.

The Legacy of these historical events has been that medicine and healthcare have evolved without a spiritual base. However during the last 20 years people have become less satisfied with the scientific explanations of their existence and begun their own spiritual searching.

Everyone can heal, the gift of healing is not new, it is being re-discovered. The results of healing are showing it is longer to be seen as a last resort. The associations such as the NFSH, CHO and BCMA are negotiating for medical recognition for healing as what it is and always has been, a powerful complimentary therapy