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Johrei Healing

For over three thousand years,humanity has been drifting away from the Laws of Nature, which is God’s Will ,the Truth.

What is Johrei?

Compelled by materialism and selfishness, which causes people to act ra fast only according to their own convenience, individuals have become prisoners of excessive and inappropriate ambitions, and have been destroying the balance of the planet, giving rise to countless problems and great unhappiness to themselves.

The consequences of ignoring these natural laws may be seen in every aspect of human activities: agriculture, health, education, politics, economy, social affairs, the arts, and the environment, among others. The situation has now come to its limit. If it persists, people will inevitably destroy themselves as well as the planet.

The Johrei Association was founded by Mokichi Okada with the mission to awaken and warn humanity to this unfortunate reality. Through its emphasis on spirituality and love for others, Okada’s movement teaches the importance of believing in the invisible spiritual world, and demonstrates that spirit and feelings exist not only within human beings, but also within animals, plants, soil, and inorganic substances. By doing so, the Johrei Association indicates the need for humanity to return to the Law of the Universe, in order to realise the ideal world.

The expansion of Johrei – channelling of Divine Light, the development of Natural Agriculture, and changing ones heart through beauty (art) are fundamental practices of the philosophy of Mokichi Okada. These activities carry the power to transform materialistic and self-centred individuals into spiritualistic and unselfish ones. They are meant to lead humanity towards a life in harmony with the Laws of Nature, giving birth to an ideal civilization, based on true health, prosperity and peace.

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