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Life Coaching Specifically for Women

Life Coaching Specifically for Women

Author: Julie-Ann Amos

While gender differentiation has come a long way, the perception of women still results in the application of rules and roles to women results in different issues and challenges confronting women. The confusing mélange of different ideals and expectations sometimes produces a sensation of utter distraction and dislocation. Women may even feel they no longer have their own self. They feel it difficult to concentrate on what is truly important becoming lost. Unable to focus on or even formulate a concrete goal or objective, women may wander lost or dazed through their lives and work. This is the point when you may decide the answer lies in drawing on the services of a personal life coach.

A further effect of divisive and personal life deconstruction for women is found in the actual hormonal processes that create the various life stages. The ability of women to reproduce can strongly affect how they deal with and even divide work and family. These years can be one of struggling to keep up with household chores and affairs while maintaining a professional face and pace at work. When the children leave, an empty nest syndrome may arrive. This often results in feelings of purposelessness and emptiness. Some feel life has no goal or direction any more.

Both situations can result in the employment of the same tactic. Women shuffle the issues to the back of their mind. They ignore them and consider them as something to be dealt with at a later and more appropriate time. This can result in the delay of their wish or dream fulfillment – not just temporarily but forever. A life coach will help these dreams emerge and, therefore, remove the chance of later regrets of the path not taken.

Part of the blame for the situation lies within society. It subconsciously or otherwise influences the ability of women to reach their potential. It is often the fault of the learned behavior of old attitudes, perceptions and teachings. Women are still influenced to believe they cannot climb as high as men. Their upbringing may play a huge role in their perception of themselves as individuals whose life can extend beyond the definition of mother, caregiver and humble servant. It is not an act of selfishness for women to consider their own interests and not just the needs of the family – children and partners.

The same approach can influence job position and upward movement. Certain sectors still proactive lower wages for women for the same jobs performed by men. Promotions may go to a less qualified candidate simply because of his gender. Employers still fear the sp[ecter of women abandoning their employment for a sick child, pregnancy and other family responsibilities. They fear there will be a decreased lack of commitment and dedication to the job. To combat this inner and external bias, women can turn to a life coach. This professional can help coach them to advance successfully up the ladder while still maintaining a balance in their home life.

Technology, perceptions and societal mores can all stand in the way of a woman’s ability to move forward in her career without affecting her ability to function as she wants to in her home life. These challenges need not interfere. Achieving some form of balance is highly possible if women turn to the beneficial services of a life coach. Living all aspects of life to its fullest potential is possible through the knowledge, understanding, guidance and support of a life coach. He or she can help you fashion the strategies a woman requires in this century to deal with whatever it throws at her as she moves in the right direction as chosen by her.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/coaching-articles/life-coaching-specifically-for-women-5184761.html

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