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Personal Growth Short-Cuts from Spiritual Quest

Knowledge Gained at Spirit Quest camp……

An e-mail Study Program offered through the Universal Life Church Seminary.

There’ve been a lot of important things I’ve learned throughout the thirty weeks of this amazing Spiritual Study Course that it’s impossible to decide where I shouldstart. The initial things that made an impression on me in regards to the discourses was that there were some words to communicate what I was experiencing. There was a method to put across these spiritual ideas to those I know that had a desire to comprehend that which I believed along with what I was accomplishing. The difficulty was that I could not think up the right words, mental image pictures, and thoughts that were making our communication difficult. The contrasts in Soul Ages may very well explain the reason why it’s so hard for me to explain certain things to certain people. It’s difficult to assist a young person to fully grasp everything you know as an adult. The child does not contain the words or life experience to see situations in the same fashion. It really is extremely hard to get a child understand being one together with the universe when they’re still trying to realize that they are a unique individual. Contemplating things like this has made me take much more patience along with awareness when explaining things to other people.

The second lesson that had an impact was the lesson on releasing the anger- Forgiveness. I can’t alter what other people have done to me. I can’t make anyone make amends for causing pain and wrongs I perceive. I can however, keep from allowing them to sink their hooks into me. Mostly, it really is under my control what energies I let into my space. You will discover strategies you can use to clear the energies from you and it truly is up to me to make this happen on a regular basis. The most efficient way to remain in good health is to take care of your self. An example from my own life of this about a cousin I have who, before the course, I could not as much as hear her name without becoming infuriated. By releasing the energy of anger I was making use of towards her as well as letting go of the buttons in my space that allowed her to get in, I’ve arrived to at a place of peace whenever I happen to give though to her. I was even able to engage in a polite visit with her during the last time I visited my grandfather’s. I still found a great deal of feelings about her that bug me, but without the angry energy there I can see that most of what bothers me is just the errors a young soul will make as they are really trying to grow up. Not every adult you come across is actually grown up. Some individuals take longer than others to get there. All we will do is offer to you aid and teach the rest was up to those things.

The 3rd issue was the thought of making use of the grounding cord on places as well as inanimate things. I knew I could drain foreign energy from men and women along with things but until finally the classes I hadn’t ever thought ofmaking use of a grounding cord on meeting rooms or buildings or the ground, in general. I a job with a group of folks that have a great deal of alpha personalities. Because I started attaching the grounding cords on the meeting rooms prior to the meetings, we’ve been able to conduct far more productive meetings as well as have the troubles taken care of without having it becoming a pissing contest.

A final point to point out is that other people have commented upon a change within me. My mom has noticed that I am calmer and seem to be a lot more self-contained. She has said that I am more sure of myself. My boss and people I work with have also noticed a difference too, but they feel it is because I’m losing weight and now look and, because of that, feel better. It is helpful to know that you will find more people than you think out there that believe that every spiritual belief system has a valid point as well as that we do not have to agree on every thing to support one another.

All of this and much more did I learn taking the Spirit Quest Program from the Universal Life Church Seminary, Master of Metaphysics.

The author is the President of the Universal Life Church Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.

This life-changing 30 week course from the Universal Life Church Seminary is just one of many programs on Spiritual Growth, various religions, and religious education.

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