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Several Simple Steps for Personal Growth

Simple Steps for Personal Growth

This program provides an deep analysis of the use of targeted concentration along with visualization to guide the student how you can take steps beyond a n existence that unfolds purely by luck to a life that is filled with endless possibility as well as stable probabilities.

The examples laid out within the class lessons were both realistic along with difficult; but it absolutely was not till the first discussion of the Prime Wave, that I first began to even begin entertain the idea that my life’s journey was mine to plan.

By using the Internet – The World Wide Web – as my beginning point, I started to visualize a different form of web; one that has been around much longer: the Prime Wave.

I began preparing my path by questioning my understanding of the Prime Wave with the use of these relevant questions:

What was the Prime Wave?

It’s the web of existence which was started at the starting of time, by God.

Exactly Where Might The Wave Be Found?

It really is in all places; a multi-dimensional, living map, ever-growing as well as ever-changing, possibly haphazardly, or following some master plan, or some people would think, by luck. Each and every one of us has been given the task of making the streets, avenues, roads and crossroads, in addition to getting rid of any barriers, fortifying boundaries, side-stepping potholes and handling other surprise or unplanned happenings as we anticipate, experience, or perceive them.

How Do We Get There?

All of Creation was within the Prime Wave, each forging its own road as it’s travelled, experiencing the journey using the “thread” we designate it to be. One might encounter peace as well as joy, a passion for life, enlightenment through being of service, or the knowledge gained from struggle as a result of sickness, disease, poverty, depression, as well as a myriad of emotions between these. We’ve all been there – it really is with what tools we travel it that is what is important. Some of us simply get up each and every morning, place our feet on the floor, then move along a route produced without thinking or by circumstances, perhaps from family tradition or societal expectations. Others use targeted concentration, meditation, as well as visualization, and through the Universal Law of Sympathetic Vibration, look for viable possibilities, as well as work to shift those things up the ladder of probability, towards actual manifestation.

What’s Likely To Get In The Way?

The newbie traveler will wander or blunder, sink or swim, catch a soft breeze like a feather, take a ride on a drop of rain, or fight hard in a overwhelming storm. This is the way personal power as well as personality grows.

What Resources Will We Require To Accompany Us?

A variety of resources will likely be show themselves as each of the tasks unfold. Initially, we may bumble with them due to newness. This might cause confusion, an unsettling feeling, or scars. We might decide to put down a tool and just set aside the spiritual undertaking completely. Maybe we selectedthe wrong tool for the job in front of you. Perhaps your curiosity will bring us back to the toolbox. Or perhaps we will feel the need to re-evaluate our program.

Do I Have the Means To Undertake the Journey?

We’re created for that journey. Not one of us was on this planet without having purpose. Every part of creation that we encounter might be both effected as well as affected by our individual footprints.

Will Anybody Be Accompanying Me?

The connection contained in our daily life, even if they are short or infrequent crossing of paths, aren’t making our life path. They may possibly have influence over our perceptions along with choices, or they might make us to fall back or branch out. But we are the one who creates our life journey; this occurs with each and every move we make. Each and every one of us is responsible to build our personal life path along with take the necessary footsteps. That’s what is meant by “we create the road by walking it”.

What Can I Hope To Discover When I’m Walking Along My Personal Road?

The most simplistic answer is that we will discover precisely what we assume we will. The more complicated answer is that, what we perceive as our life path, the obstacles, joy to be found, dark places, or any other part of our destination, will be exactly what will experience. Familiarity along with mastering with the newfound tools will give us the total understanding of how to maneuver through our unique part of the Prime Wave.

What Will Likely Happen Once I Arrive?

Take note of what’s around you – no matter where we have ended up, that’s just exactly where along with what we are: A living, breathing, spiritually expanding, ever-changing speck within the cosmos of life.

My thanks to Dr. Crouch for this interesting program.

The author is the President of the Universal Life Church Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.

This life-changing 22 week course from the Universal Life Church Seminary is just one of many classes on various religons, spirituality, and spiritual growth.

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