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Spiritual Healing – Healer David Wells

David Spiritual Healing Teacher spiritual healing - healer david wells Spiritual Healing - Healer David Wells  david

Make your emotional distress a thing of the past give David a call 07939 212382 it will change your life for ever.

David is a Healer working with physical, spiritual and emotional difficulties.

Spiritual Healers have been around almost as long as human beings have been on this planet. As we have begun to understand more about medicine, microbiology, psychology and surgery, the people who have focused so much on technology have come to believe that Spiritual Healing no longer has a useful place in modern society.

Indeed many people have come to believe that being Spiritual Healer as a profession is some weird new age mumbo-jumbo. The realities at the end of the 20th century are very different.

Spiritual Healers are now being invited into hospitals by the Health Service. Doctors still provide placebos, often with considerable beneficial effect and in the only major research performed since the second world war in both Europe and America to determine which adopted mythologies were most effective in psychology and counseling, the results showed that the method adopted was not the determining factor but whether the psychologist or councilor was a Healer.

So I guess that in this world of genetic engineering, keyhole surgery and new drugs, we Spiritual Healers are very much alive and well.

Spiritual Healers throughout the ages has often been associated with the priesthood following a particular religion of that culture. In many ways, if priests were able to heal today, this would reinforce the dependency that people have on the priesthood and power structure of that culture. Probably, if priests of a particular religion were not able to heal, then on many occasions the population would seek a new religion. Even in the case of Jesus, he demonstrated he could heal and so as a result, Christianity today is the most successful religion in the world.

In early times the priesthood would have learned that certain substances such as plants had a beneficial effect in controlling diseases and these substances were given to patients. Their formulas were a guarded secret as this again would give them power and control over the community.

Only as little as a few years ago, western medicine discovered that certain native American Nations had been successful in treating bowel cancer. They had been able to do this by using the extract from a tree found on the Californian coast. This drug now is used throughout the world today. In many more cases Spiritual Healers have achieved successful results without the use of any effective treatment other than that they are Healers.

So the question is, how on earth does healing really work? Firstly, one has to take into account the incidental role of counseling and the art of caring.

Surgeries are very busy places these days, the average interview time only being three minutes. Perhaps just having the time to listen can have in its own right a very beneficial effect.

There is no doubt that ones emotional state of mind has a huge effect upon our physical well-being. If one is very highly stressed or overwhelmed with emotional conflicts, the immune system collapses and people find pain and discomfort thresholds much lower. As a result sickness can prevail. It is a truism that happy people feel much better and have more energy with which to enjoy their life and pay less attention to the negative aspects of their life.

Those conducting research into the spiritual healing phenomena also point to the placebo effect. In other words if a client wishes to get well and believes that the healer can make him well, quite often he will become well. Heath is so often a state of mind and it is well recognised by specialists in the treatment of cancer that a person’s state of mind in dealing with this illness will have enormous effects upon the eventual outcome. I have no doubt that these two factors play an important role in the work of a successful healer.

As an example, for 25 years, the United States conducted experiments into remote viewing and telepathy. During this time, some remarkable results where achieved but without sufficient reliability to use in strategic situations.

Countless research has been done into ESP, telepathy and of course Spiritual Healing. The research shows significant gifts in these areas and that these gifts really exist. Science, however, is often very uncomfortable with these findings because up till now a kind of force or such like has not been found that can account for the phenomenon. Such phenomenon although recognized to exist are therefore usually pensioned off into obscure journals of parapsychology and will probably remain there until scientists are able to understand, identify and quantify what is happening. For my own part, the more answers I find, as to why I can heal people, the more questions I discover. I just get on with the job of helping people feel better and ultimately get well. So if we take all the mumbo-jumbo away, what are we left with? The human organism operates by electro-chemical reactions. In fact, the level of measurable activity is quite high. I believe that around us all, we create a small electro-magnetic field, which in some way or other can be detected by people and is commonly known as the aura.

There are workers who state that they can detect auras. Others, have taken special photographs using the Kiryllian method, which show such fields in a spectacular way.

Many of us are able to detect atmospheres. Perhaps we are only sensing magnetic, or electrical disturbances created where a high level of emotion has been exhibited. How often has one walked into a room and been aware that its occupants had been rowing or sharing deep grief? Our emotions are very powerful so it makes sense to me, that if emotions have been released, we may be aware of their after-effects due to a change in the energies generated by people. Likewise, I believe that if a person is suffering from physical ailment, they may well be generating abnormal fields around themselves, and it is this that a healer is able to sense.

In all probability, we all have the ability to sense these things, but most people choose to ignore them. Some might state that they felt something wrong ‘in their waters’ or had a gut feeling. I think that healers just have spent more time learning to sense these fields, and to listen and try to understand them. I am sure that most of you would sense that something was wrong, if you were alongside some one who was deeply emotional and upset. In order to do this, a healer has to transcend themselves into a slightly different state of consciousness. Lets face it, no one is going to feel very sensitive if they have just spent the last few hours taking the engine out of a car.

It is the ability to be able to reach a sensitive ‘altered state of consciousness’ that makes an effective healer. In this condition, he or she is able to understand, much more clearly, that which is troubling the client.

In order to create positive change in the client, it is also necessary that the client move into a slightly altered state too. This enables the healer and client to share and inter-react between each other. This inter-reaction is what I believe to be the basis of real healing. The client is creating an electromagnetic field which is the result of illness or strong emotional catharsis. The healer, by creating a stronger field of different and better kind, it is possible to re-align the client into a more beneficial state.

By bio-feedback, the client is therefore often more able to change the illness and begin to heal. Biofeedback is believed to be the essential ingredient to healing. If a better energy field surrounds the client, even for a short time, their body senses that they are well and can begin to react to this in a positive way. It is possible that healing is only successful with physical illness when there is a psycho-somatic component. However, it may be the case that psychology plays its role in physical illness much more frequently than we think.

Steiner believed that most physical ailments arose from peoples own state of mind. Probably this is taking it a bit too far, as we now know that our own genes may very often leave us with a propensity to develop certain ailments.

Close interaction with the client does change the way they are. This is a truism we may all be aware of. For instance, you will probably have all experienced a time when a very upset or anxious person has been made to feel better, just because you were calm yourself. Humans tend to naturally reflect the emotional state of the person they are close to. Healing is an extension of this phenomenon and if properly developed can be very powerful indeed.

One might wonder why a Healer is able to change the client’s electro-magnetic field rather than the other way round. For the most part it is the simple expression of the balance of power in the situation. Some Healers have found themselves in bad trouble after working with a client. This is due to a phenomenon termed ‘counter-transference’. Here the healer has started to work without first making sure that he or she has no emotional difficulties. In other words they are bringing ‘baggage’ to the session. Part of the task of learning to be a Healer is to go through a long period of personal therapy to ensure that he or she has no emotional difficulties. Sadly this particular part of becoming a spiritual healer is not attended to by all Spiritual Healing teaching organisations. It appears thy are only interested in ‘bums on seats’, which is one of the reasons why Healers in the western world can become sick or have difficulties with their lives since taking on


Have a safe journey.