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Spiritual What’s What

A spiritual life

KUNDALINI spiritual what's what Spiritual What's What KUNDALINI

Many people on the spiritual path are drawn there because of a yearning to know more and connect on a deeper level. It may lead them down many different paths but people ultimately have to come home to themselves and to their heart no matter where their journey takes them.

Living a spiritual life has nothing to do with meditation, adhering to strict disciplines that are tied to rigid belief systems or separating yourself from the rest of the world. Those are spiritual practices designed to purify and still the mind, and help you gain control of your emotions so you can appreciate the gift of the present moment and fully partake in life’s many treasures. When you get right down to it, spiritual practices are just that – practice. It’s time for the real thing.

Someone with a pure mind and a pure heart can change the world simply by being in it. That is absolute truth. You cannot be a part of something if you stand apart from it. While prayer can bridge the gap between people, people must ultimately cross that bridge to reach each other.

The Heart Knows

To truly live a spiritual life, I invite you to spend some time where the enlightened masters live – their heart. It is the only home that has room for everyone. When you lead with the heart, the mind will follow and so will everyone else.

15 Tips To Help You Get Started

1. See the best in everyone, including yourself. People strive to live up to expectations.
2. Always give your very best to the world. When you do, the world will give it’s very best back to you.
3. Love yourself for who you are now and all that you can be.
4. Avoid harming others in thoughts, words or deeds. If you do, take action to correct your mistakes.
5. Speak kindly of others and encourage people to live up to their full potential.
6. Listen to the heart. It tells no lies. Let your intuition be your guide.
7. Spend time in nature and acknowledge the many gifts mother earth bestows upon us every day. Give back by “Going Green.”
8. Respect the sanctity of life, in all names and forms
9. Be kind to animals. This includes adopting a vegan diet.
10. Exercise the mind and the body so you stay healthy, calm, centred and peaceful.
11. Be flexible and fully present in the moment, no matter what comes your way.
12. Remain true to yourself. Never compromise your values or who you are just to please someone else.
13. Stand up for the things that don’t sit right with you. Learn to speak your piece without disturbing the peace.
14. Help the helpless when the opportunity arises. A helping hand is the hand of God.
15. Do the things that bring you joy, happiness and fulfilment and pursue your dreams so you remain a free spirit.