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Taoism and the Chakras

Taoism and the Chakras

Root Chakra  Taoism and the Chakras Taoism and the Chakras chakras e1404588581923Your physical body is surrounded by a cocoon of light, called the aura. It is often described as egg-shaped. Light energy is drawn into this egg, which acts like a prism, changing the light (or breaking it down) into its component color elements. Color energy then enters the body vibrating along the nerve centers and through the chakras. According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his book, Vibrational Medicine, “The chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of a higher vibrational nature so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body.”

The aura is made up of at least seven bands or (subtle) bodies:

The etheric, the emotional, the mental, the astral and the causal, soul and spiritual. There are differing opinions regarding the order in which these bodies surround the physical body, but most researchers and spiritual practitioners agree that there are at least seven. Dr. Gerber also maintains that meditation “holds the key” to understanding the “interlocking nature” of these auric bodies.

The Etheric Body:

This band is the closest to the physical body and replicates organs and physical structures. Any imbalance in the etheric band will manifest at the physical level. Clairvoyants see this band as a blue or blue-gray web of energy moving closely around the physical body. Healing for this body involves the color orange and is related to energies of the sacral or second chakra. Oils derived from the orange tree such as neroli, made from the blossoms and petigrain made from the leaves and twigs, placed in bath water can aid in healing imbalances in this band of energy. If you feel “spaced out”, are unable to maintain personal boundaries, are experiencing poor physical coordination, discomfort in crowds or in other places where there is a lot of sensory input, healing is slower than usual, or an increase in minor illness or infections, you are experiencing imbalances in this band of energy.

The Emotional Body:

Extending past the etheric band, this band of energy also follows the physical shape of the body. However, unlike the etheric band, the emotional band has no fixed structure. It is multicolored and changes according to our mood. This is typically what is seen by sensitives who can read emotions and moods. Healing for this body usually involves drawing out negatively and can also benefit from second chakra work. But smoky quartz rather than orange stones or essence are the best aids and will help reduce the effects of trauma and stress. The aura pictured to the left is an example of a tight aura, which indicates that the individual was under stress. Click here for examples of pictures of more diffused auras.

The Mental Body:

The mental band is usually seen as bright yellow. Your thought patterns are within this band. This body records the reactions of the emotional body and contains your core beliefs. Anytime your core believes are in conflict with what you are experiencing, you can become out of balance. Work with the solar plexus or the third chakra and the third eye or sixth chakra can help balance the mental body.

The Astral Body

This band is the outer most band of the individual personality. This is the last band before what is perceived as “I” connects with the universe. It resembles the emotional band, but the colors here are soft, more subtle. This band acts as a container for the individual personality. It filters and tones down universal energy so that you don’t become overwhelmed by it all. If there are problems or imbalances in this band, you can become confused and have difficulty determining what is real. At the opposite end, if this universal energy is filtered and toned down too much, you begin to feel isolated and lack direction in your life. All seven chakras should be worked with to aid in balancing the astral body. A layout of alternating six each black and white stones, such as milky quartz and black tourmaline, placed around the physical body can also help to balance this band of energy. Start with black tourmaline at the crown chakra and alternate black and white in a circle around your body.

The Causal, Soul and Spiritual Bodies

These three bands move in and out of each other and are not clearly defined. The causal body links the “I”, the personality, to what Carl Jung termed, the collective unconscious. This is the doorway to the universe. The soul body moves universal energy and focuses it so that the individual can relate to his or her higher self. The spiritual body has access to all universal energies, but still maintains individuality. Higher vibrating energies, like flower essences, can effect any imbalances in these higher bodies.